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Skeena™ Cherries

Skeena™ Cherries

$12-LBS Shipped (Orchardside and Local Delivery Not Available)
Developed in British Columbia, the Skeena™ is a larger cherry featuring a somewhat kidney-shape. With its dark red, almost-black skin and red flesh, this firm cherry is a gem. Sometimes referred to as “precocious” among farmers – for its early flowering – the Skeena™ cherry ripens later than most cherries and can extend the sweet cherry season into early August. This is great news for all of us cherry lovers out here!
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    Size: 2-LB
MINIMUM ORDER IS A 2LB PACK Delivery is a flat fee irrespective of package weight.
ORDERS SHIP ON MON/TUES ONLY In order to ensure freshness, all orders ship on the Mon or Tue following order receipt.

Delivery by State

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What do our customers say about us?

I ordered four pounds online. The very next day, the cherries arrived and I literally had to stop myself from eating the entire basket. Wow! These cherries are amazing. Can't wait for next year. Will definitely be ordering again. Thank you!

Kitty June, 2020

Oh my goodness! I never knew cherries could taste so good. The world should know how cherries are meant to taste. Never buying from the grocery store again!

Sheron June 2020

Holy smokes, Batman! How are these cherries so magical?? I am ruined and will now never buy cherries elsewhere again!

Jennifer May 2020

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